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Before choosing which kind of compressor you need to use for your compressed air system, you need to ask some simple questions:

- What is the system's air flow rate demand?
- How does this demand vary? It is intermittent or constantly variable between a minimum and maximum value or instead basically constant?
- What is the quality of the compressed air requested by the application (filtering level, absence of oil, etc.)?

The Fini compressors provide all the answers by meeting a wide variety of needs in terms of use:
- the piston compressors are perfect for small and average air flow rates with high intermittence;
- the rotary screw compressors are suitable for higher flow rates and provide an excellent coverage of compressed air demand, both variable and constant needs, as well as extremely high efficiency levels.
- the rotary SCROLL spiral compressors are instead the ideal solution for any application that requires entirely oil-free compressed air, as in the pharmaceutical industry, medical labs, in the food and beverages production and packaging sector, the chemical industry, industrial painting and a number of other sectors.

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