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Screw Technology

Our range of rotary screw compressors consists of two kinds of design:


▪  with belt transmission, oil injection, power values from 2.2 to 75 kW, fixed and variable speed: MICRO and PLUS series.



TrasmissioneKmax▪  with direct transmission (with or without gears), oil injection, power values from 4 to 250 kW, fixed and variable speed: CUBE SD (4 - 7.5 kW), K-MAX (5.5 - 37 kW) and TERA SD (75 - 250 kW) series.



We have been making air-ends and all the main components for screw compressors for over 20 years.
The entire manufacturing process is carried out in our Italian plants and it is fully integrated thanks to cutting-edge robotic machine tools fitted with sophisticated control instruments that ensure high quality standards. A team of highly specialised technicians is constantly devoted to developing and monitoring the manufactured air-ends and designing new components to ensure top reliability and flexibility in terms of use.

Our air-ends feature rotors with an optimised profile and outstanding performance. The exclusive design of the screw units operates the unit regardless of the male or female rotor. With this unique feature we can meet any project need, both in terms of performance and operation with electric or endothermic motors, in order to optimise efficiency and reduce consumption.

The production of each single rotor is carried out in four well-defined manufacturing stages to achieve extremely high execution precision and repeatability. 
This level of construction accuracy means that each male rotor can be fitted with any female rotor. 
All components are 100% tested and selected before being launched on the market. Namely, the air-ends are individually tested after their assembly and then tested again after they have been installed on the completed machine. The performance of each individual component is recorded to allow for full traceability.


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